Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Using your PNG Watermark in Photoshop 7

These instructions are similar but not exactly what you would do in Photoshop Elements. Send me email if you need help using Photoshop Elements! Click on images to "zoom" when applicable.

First you need to open Photoshop and open your photo AND your watermark in Photoshop. I have both on the desktop in my example.

Click on File> Open>

Click Desktop.
then click on both the photo and the watermark files. To select them both at the same time press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard wile clicking to select.
Click Open.

Now that the files are open make sure the Selection tool is selected.
The default location of the toolbar is the right. If it's not showing anywhere click on Window at the top of the program window and click on Tools.

Now you will see both files open in Photoshop...simply drag the watermark from the watermark file onto the photo file:

The watermark will move a bit it's ok. Just keep drag click on the watermark and keep mouse button pressed whiule moving the mouse. If you don't see both files as shown above click on Window>Documents>Tile.

The watermark is there. Just click on it and drag to position it.
To resize click on Edit>Transform>Scale.

Press and hold the Shift key to constrain proportions while you drag the mouse to resize.

Hit enter on the keyboard when you have it the way you want it.

Now save your watermarked file. In order to keep your image in the original state as well you need to perform as Save As:

Give it a different name and save as jpeg:

The default settings are fine, click OK.

Here is the watermarked picture!

Let me know if my directions are unclear or if you need further help!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adjusting Your Watermark Color with GIMP

There are currently newer versions of GIMP available. These instructions will not be the same for some of these newer versions. If you need more help with a more recent version please email sure to include where you got stumped and the version you are using.

If you need help getting your PNG watermark on your picture first please refer to this article.

So you've got your photo open and your watermark layer in place. There are two ways you can do this. The VERY quick but not as precise or versatile way would be to change the blending mode.

Make sure your watermark layer is selected. Click on the Mode drop down arrow:

Select Subtract:

You can scroll through the modes to see what you like best as well. The results will vary depending on your image.

OR YOU CAN...Colorize

Again make sure your watermark layer is selected. Click on Color as shown below:

The Colorize dialog will appear. You will adjust the lightness lower and the saturation doubt. The Hue is where the color choices come in. Adjusting the lightness and saturation will differ depending on hue as well. So slide those babies around and play a bit. You'll see what I mean! I wanted to achieve a blue color below:

Click OK and you've got color!

You'll need to save after you've made changes. If you need help with that please refer to this article.

Feel free to email if you have a question!