Monday, April 21, 2008

Download and Install GIMP

There are currently newer versions of GIMP available. These instructions will not be the same for some of these newer versions. If you need more help with a more recent version please email sure to include where you got stumped and the version you are using.

**If you are a MAC user here is a link to installing GIMP for MAC:**

I’ve provided direct links to the file downloads below. If these do not work for some reason (they should) here is the site where they can be found.

If you have Windows 2000, 2003, XP or Vista you need this download:

If you have Windows 98, ME or NT you will need to download this file:

  • Once you click on the appropriate link above you a new window will open for and a message should pop-up. Click on Run. If you get an ad, just skip it. You can also close and try again. Also, if you have everything locked down like I do you will have to install the ActiveX control.

  • The file will download and then a message will appear asking if you’d like to run the software, click on Run.

  • Click Next, Next (yes, yes, you agree) then the all important Install now.

  • When the install is complete a message will pop up, the Launch The Gimp option will be checked. If you’re ready to move on to using your watermark leave it checked and Gimp will open when you click Finish.

  • Click on Finish. Congratulations you are now the proud owner of Gimp for Windows! Be patient the first time the program loads takes a while!

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